Yellow Teeth?

pomegranite-close-upThe causes of yellow teeth vary from person to person.

Some people have naturally yellowish teeth and other peoples teeth have become stained over time.

It is interesting to know that not all people are born with sparkling white teeth.  The natural colour of some peoples teeth is more yellow than white due to a thin or transparent layer of enamel coating their teeth.  The natural colour of the inside of the tooth is yellow.

This internal tooth substance is called Dentin.  If your family has a history of yellow teeth, then you may have a genetic disposition for thin or translucent enamel and therefore naturally yellowish teeth.

Another reason for naturally yellow teeth is aging.

As we get older our enamel layer becomes thinner due to wear and tear.  A lifetime of eating and drinking will naturally create stained teeth and break down our protective enamel coating and the yellow dentin layer underneath the enamel will become more visible.

Insufficient oral hygiene is another major causes of yellow teeth.  If you don’t brush your teeth regularly you will get a build up of staining food particles and minerals which will not only stain the outside of the enamel, but also break down the enamel layer causing the yellow dentin to show through. Germs allowed to exist in this condition can lead to other mouth diseases and infections which can further attack the enamel layer.

teeth-stainers-green-teaTeeth staining foods, drinks and other substances are the major causes of discoloured teeth.

Smoking is a guaranteed yellow teeth maker.  The nicotine in cigarettes stains the teeth, lips and fingers and is very hard to remove.  Foods such as mustard, tumeric, blueberries, blackberries, carrots, oranges, apples and potatoes certainly stain teeth. Other acidic foods such as citrus fruits and vinegar also help to break down enamel. Drinks we love like coffee, tea, coke, red wine also erode enamel and create stained teeth.

There are some other reasons for discoloured teeth, but they are not so common. Accidents can crack tooth enamel and allow staining materials to enter and deposit.  Some medications like antibiotics (tetracycline staining) are known to discolour teeth.

In nearly all these cases you will find that teeth whitening is the solution to creating white teeth.

Our teeth whitening system is designed to restore your teeth to their natural colour and to bring visual harmony to you new white, bright, healthy smiling face.  It works by removing both the external staining from the surface of your teeth as well as removing the intrinsic staining from the enamel of your teeth in just 20 minutes or 40 minutes if you teeth are heavily stained.

old-womanOur system works on caps, crowns, fillings, veneers and artificial teeth!

Our system removes surface staining from those teeth and restores them to their original colour.

If you were happy with the original colour that your dentist selected to build those teeth and if a good match was made by your dentist at that time, then there is no reason why we cannot restore them to the original shade!

Our system will not the change the original colour of your cap, crown, filling or veneer but it can restore its colour so it’s like new!

Keep Smiling!


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