In-Salon Treatment

subiaco_clipped_rev_2The PearlySmile Experience that makes us the Best in Australia!

From the moment you arrive at one of our salons we want you to experience the best teeth whitening service in Australia!  Our client services and your experience is what really sets us apart from any other cosmetic teeth whitening company in Australia!

We believe that the PearlySmile experience is so much more than just whitening your teeth! We want you to arrive to the friendliest of staff, experience a tailored treatment that leaves you feeling confident, valued and ready to face the world!

What should I expect from a Professional 20 Minute Treatment?










How does the In-Salon Treatment Work?

Our teeth whitening chemistry is simple. Pearlysmile whitening gels break down into Oxygen and Water when coupled with our BLUE LED light.  Those Oxygen molecules penetrate in and out of the pores of the enamel continuously to release and dissolve the molecules that cause the staining and discolourisation of the teeth.

You will not experience any tooth sensitivity or pain as our Stockist Exclusive Professional In-salon whitening gels are peroxide free and our LED light Technology makes the process safer, easier and faster than any other whitening system available.